Search Engine Optimization


How an SEO Expert Can Empower Your Business


Every website owner by now must know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for achieving visibility in search engines. But not all owners or even managers have the extra time to explore SEO services. Once your company focuses on improving site SEO it has a better chance in showing up in search engines for important keywords. That why the SEO experts at Maples Growth Strategies in Atlanta GA stay update on all the latest search changes from algorithm updates, best practices for websites and more.


Why SEO Matters

Billions of searches are performed every day in giant search engines such as Google, which serves as a filter for people trying to find desired content. Following search guidelines is one of the foundations of SEO, but many businesses need guidance from experts since there are hundreds of factors to research. Maples Growth Strategies SEO services stays up-to-date with Google's latest algorithmic changes that affect SEO strategies.

Check how well your website is doing by putting your keywords in a search engine and see if your site shows up on the first page. If it's not on page one it will be very difficult for your target audience to find your site. We can help push your site higher up in the rankings. Here are some of the ways that a digital marketing expert can help:


  1. Keyword and Competitive Analysis

  2. Link Building Strategies

  3. Writing a Blog Series

  4. Reaching a Target Audience

  5. Creating Video SEO Strategies


Improving Site SEO

The key to improving your site's SEO is to work with an experienced SEO services team that understands what it takes to take a site to the next level for traffic. This expertise comes from years of studying markets, seeing what works and what does not as far as achieving successful search rankings. 

While there are thousands of sites that offer "SEO services" online it's important to keep in mind many of these sites are newcomers that have not run enough campaigns yet to develop a reputation for reliability. It's always best to work with SEO companies that hire seasoned professionals with a long successful track record. 



It's All About Keywords and Matching Content

Your site must be built on strategic keywords that have been researched to find out opportunities and competition. The goal is to find the most appropriate keywords that reflect your business and that enough users will put in search engines while there is limited competition among sites using those terms. It usually takes time that many managers don't have to conduct this research effectively.

Once you have determined the right keywords you need content, such as a blog, that gives more details about those words and how they affect your business. Search engines favor well written blogs that provide useful facts. Ideally, the more original the content, the more search engines will view your site as authoritative. Sites with duplicate content are penalized while original informative sites are rewarded. 

A big reason why companies don't hire their own in-house web development teams for blogging is because it's more cost-effective to outsource to a diverse team of digital marketing talent. Blogs need to be interactive and many businesses don't have the time to respond to questions from followers all day. 

Developing a content-rich blog will win the attention of both search engines and followers. The blog needs to be updated regularly with fresh content that defines and highlights your business expertise. 

Another way that an SEO specialist can help your site is by using best industry practices, such as only using white hat strategies approved of by search engines. It's important to avoid keyword spamming, which is frowned upon by Google. The content should be crafted for users more than search bots. 




Staying Fresh


Keeping your content fresh gives your most loyal followers reasons to return to your site. If your content stops growing search engines might view it as an abandoned site. A blog series typically needs to be updated at least once per week. The more your informative content grows, the better chances you have at showing up in search rankings. You also need to work with professionals who keep up with the latest SEO trends. 

Video SEO is something to consider since video is becoming increasingly more important in content marketing. Google favors videos as long as they include descriptions and tags. Consumers prefer videos over reading long articles when it comes to researching information because they can learn more information quickly with less effort. 

Working with experienced SEO experts who keep up with the latest content marketing and organic search techniques can lead to endless leads. Your team will study your target market to help give you a competitive edge.



The key to online success begins with Search Engine Optimization. Contact us here at Maples Growth Strategies SEO Services to learn more about how we can help bring your site more visibility and traffic.