Social Media Management

Do you want to:

      …generate leads?
      …establish credibility?
      …expand your brand awareness?
      …increase your audience engagement?


You’ve come to the right place!

As a savvy business owner, you recognize that effective social media marketing requires more expertise than you have available in-house. Let Maples Growth Strategies in Atlanta GA help you pick up the slack! As a social media management company, we can manage social media by helping you create, schedule, analyze and engage with your content. Our social media management experts ensure no social media marketing components fall through the cracks.

We offer the following social media management services:

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Social Media Profile Management

  • Social Media Content Planning & Scheduling

  • Social Media Page Design

  • Social Media Optimization

  • Social Media Results Tracking/Analytics

  • Social Media Ad Campaign Setup

  • Online Community Management


Social Media Strategy

Do you have a plan to achieve your social media goals? Whatever they are, you need a plan to achieve them. 

Our social media management experts complete a comprehensive process to develop customized social media management plans for our clients. Our process includes:

  1. conducting a social media audit,

  2. assessing your social media goals, and 

  3. designing a winning strategy.


Contact us today to discuss your social media strategy needs.



Social Media Profile Set-up and Optimization

New Account/Profile Set-up

Have you avoided social media only to finally realize that you’ve been missing out on potential leads or customers? We can help you get started by setting up your business on a minimum of two social media platforms to get your feet wet. 

Optimize Dormant Social Media Profiles

Or maybe you set up “skeleton” profiles on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn a while ago, but you haven’t done anything with those profiles since then. Now you feel too overwhelmed to update your social media profiles. Why not let our social media management company take over? We’ll optimize out your profiles to improve your brand recognition.



Social Media Platforms

Are you on the right social media platforms? The right social media platforms are those that your target market uses. Knowing your target market’s preferred social media platforms is vital to implementing an effective social media strategy. We can help you identify the most appropriate platforms for your target market.

We can help you develop a strategy for each of the following platforms:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

Social Media Page Design

Good visual design is an essential component of compelling social media content. Our social media experts can design and edit banners, headers, images, and other page elements in social media platforms.

Content Creation and Curation

Do you need help to manage social media content creation and curation? Whether it’s your original content or industry expert content, we understand the importance of researching topics that matter to your target audience, developing platform-specific content and publishing consistently. We use social media tools to schedule and plan content, resulting in effective time management.



Community Management

One aspect of social media marketing that companies find daunting is the dynamic nature of social media. A company’s responsiveness is essential to a positive online reputation.  Our social media management experts can help you establish a positive online reputation by monitoring comments on your social media networks, forums, LinkedIn groups, blogs and other communities. We can provide timely acknowledgment of complaints, stories and questions. 




Social Media Metrics and Analytics

Do you know the numbers behind your social media efforts and what those numbers mean?


Metrics-   The numbers behind your social media efforts are metrics. Metrics are data, usually something that is measured. For example, you may already track the “easy” engagement metrics such as the number of “shares,” “likes” or “tweets” your social media content generates.

But what about bounce rate and conversion rates? Do you find it challenging to identify these metrics that tell you how your social media efforts affect your bottom line? In addition to the previously mentioned examples, we can track other metrics as well. 

Analytics-  Analytics identify trends or patterns in your metrics so you can gain insight into customer behavior and make strategic business decisions based on those insights. For example, analytics ask questions such as, “Which social media platform had the highest audience engagement last quarter?” 

We’re skilled at using Google Analytics and other tools to track and analyze your company’s social media activity.



Social Media Ad Campaign Setup

Do you want to create social media paid ads for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest? We can help you with all facets of your ad campaign—from research to budgets to tracking results.
Contact us TODAY for your social media management needs.